Where we meet

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The Vineyard Christian Church is located in northeast Grand Rapids at 4700 East Beltline, just 5 miles north of the I-96/East Beltline interchange


The Story of the Vineyard Building

After several years of meeting in rented spaces around northern and eastern Grand Rapids, the Vineyard Christian Church began to pursue a permanent home in 1997. At that time, about 175 people called the Vineyard home. Over the next two years they contributed generously, both with time and money, to make their dream a reality. Dozens of potential sites were considered, but the East Beltline site was chosen after a local Realtor presented a creative proposal to acquire land from several landowners. At the time, the East Beltline was largely undeveloped, making it wonderfully affordable for a new church. Following a groundbreaking celebration in the summer of 1998, contractors and volunteers began construction of a pre-fab steel building, a modest but functional approach to building a church. The building was completed without a roadside sign, landscaping or finishing detail, but that didn’t deter the new occupants. When the small congregation moved in in the summer of 1999, they welcomed 100 new friends and visitors (a high proportion of whom thought they were visiting a winery!). Today, the East Beltline is a major commercial area, the Vineyard facility has better landscaping, and people still visit looking for wine. One thing hasn’t changed, the Vineyard Christian Church is still offering hope, friendship and vibrant spiritual community as we ‘live Jesus’ life together’ on Grand Rapids’ north end.