Kids On A Mission

When you visit the Vineyard, we’re working to make sure your kids have an even better experience than you do!

Each Sunday, we offer nursery and toddlers classes for the little ones, and Kids Church for children grades K-5. When you arrive, you’ll need to visit our kids check-in booth in our foyer for name badges for the kids and pickup passes for parents. Then children are checked-in by parents to one of several age-specific classes. Classes for school-aged children include a teaching based on curriculum ranked highly among educators and churches nationally, worship times, prayer experiences, and an array of age-specific crafts and activities. Classes for pre-school use similar curriculum with a higher emphasis on crafts and interactive worship. Toddlers and babies are provided a fun & safe play environment with age-specific activity and occasional live music.

For your family’s safety and peace of mind, all of our volunteers are church members in good standing and have been through a comprehensive application process involving a background check.

Looking for more detail? Read on!


We believe that God desires to have relationship with every child, and He uses children to advance His kingdom.  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them.”  He also presented children as an example to adults, saying, “Unless you become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom…”

Our mission is to equip children with God’s word, teach them to listen for His voice, and encourage them to reach out to others with the love and power of God and the Good News of Jesus as “Kids on a Mission”.

Vineyard North has connections in three countries in which we have sister Vineyard churches.  We support them with prayer, training, and finances. Our preschool, K-1st, and 2nd—5th Grade classes are each themed to connect kids in meaningful ways to kingdom ministry with these missions.  Our kids regularly pray, raise funds for, and receive first-hand reports from missionaries to see how God used their money and their prayers to advance his kingdom.

Our “Kids on a Mission” are encouraged to bring friends to church and share Jesus’ love outside the church with friends, neighbors and classmates.


Two nursery options

  • Babies (0–20 mos.)
  • Toddlers (21–34 mos.)

Our teachers and mentors are trained to meet the needs of babies and toddlers, and provide a safe and loving environment.

  • Camp Costa Rica (Preschool 3, 4, pre-k 5’s)

Sunday morning starts with a time of active, musical worship. Children practice listening prayer, and then launch into a fun lesson with crafts from Vineyard’s Little Son Catchers curriculum.

  • African Adventures (Kindergarten–1st grade)

Sunday morning starts with a time of active, musical worship. Children practice listening prayer, and then launch into a fun lesson with crafts from Vineyard’s Little Son Catchers curriculum.

  • 2nd–5th grade Class

2nd-5th graders start off with a way-cool multimedia lesson that includes scripture memory, games, Vineyard listening and healing prayer, and special guests (sometimes the 4, 6 or eight legged furry furry/scaly guests). They finish by joining the adult service for worship.


Acceptable classroom behavior is lovingly explained and enforced in classrooms. We call our expectations, “The Simple Seven”:

•Be kind to one another

•Pay attention and listen

•Follow instructions

•Talk one at a time

•Hands and feet to yourself

•Leave your toys at home

•Have fun!

Our teachers and mentors use the Love and Logic method of classroom management.

Our discipline policy is “hands off,” and never includes shaming  or yelling. We reward kids for following the Simple Seven with “Bible Bucks” that they can spend on “Prize Cart Sunday” (4th Sunday of the month).

Sometimes children need their parents help to transition to a new class setting.  If after rewarding desired behavior and reminding your child of the Simple Seven guidelines, your child needs your help cooperating with his class leaders, the Children’s Ministry Overseer will find you in service and ask you to come partner with your child’s teacher to maintain a fun, safe, and orderly class for all students.