What to Expect

At the Vineyard, everything we believe and do centers around Jesus – that’s what it means to be a Christian church. We always ask the question: “What would Jesus do if He was here?” Because in a wonderfully mysterious way, He is!
He’s left His church to be His fands, feet, ears, eyes and mouth – His active presence in the world.Pastor Mike


So, what does it look like to be Jesus in our neighborhood?

  • Worship Band
  • Pastor Mike
  • Prayer Ministry time
  • Kids Worship
  • Costa Rica room
  • Worshippers
  • Pastor Lauren
  • Kids On A Mission

We’re a come as you are community

The Vineyard was started by people without a religious background for people without a religious background – by a 60’s rock star (great story, just ask!). Whether you’re just curious about faith, coming back after a long time, or super religious with bumper stickers to prove it – come as you are, you’ll be loved!

Check out this video introduction to the Vineyard Christian church movement.

We’re working to become real friends.

We try to make church a place where it’s safe to be your honest-to-goodness self. A place to take off the masks. A place where your past, your quirks and your hangups don’t stand in the way of having great friendships. After all, there are no perfect people, and life is too short to pretend.

We’re on a mission to make a difference

We often wonder: if the Christian church disappeared tomorrow, would anyone really care? We hope to make significant contributions to our community through creative service work, neighborhood engagement, and issue-related programs for those with specific challenges. Some of our efforts have turned into traditions, like our food pantry or our recovery night. But the ‘entrepreneurial types’ at the Vineyard are always cooking up new projects. If you have an idea, invite some others along!

Here’s what you can expect on a Sunday…

Kids Programs

Our “Kids on a Mission” classes are led by some of the most talented people at the Vineyard. We see in the Bible that Jesus especially values children, and we do the same. Our Kids classes are themed around some of our international missions locations, so your kids get a glimpse of what God is doing in the “Costa Rica room” or the “African Safari.” We’re teaching kids to begin life with Jesus at an early age, and equipping them to join Jesus’ ministry now.


After an opening song, there’s a short meet & greet time before one of our pastors gives the morning talk. Each Sunday, our pastors address how life is impacted by the teachings of the Bible and the life of Jesus. If you like, check out one of our preachers in action.
Sunday teaching audio


Our service includes 25-30 minutes of lively worship music, led by one of several in-house worship bands. Vineyard Music is culture-current, so Sundays are a bit more like the live entertainment at a local bar/restaurant than a choir ensemble at a cathedral. We still love the classics, so you’ll probably hear a hymn or two mixed in with modern favorites. Our worship time also includes the Lord’s Supper (1st Sunday of month) and a time to give financially.


Our services close with an opportunity to receive prayer by one of our trained ministry volunteers. We believe that God comes in power when we ask sometimes bringing physical healing, inner assurance and peace, or a felt sense of His presence. Inviting someone to pray personally for you is a powerful way of experiencing God at work in your life.

You may also want to check out our beliefs and values or our history. Then take a look at the next steps for getting connected at the Vineyard.

When you stop in for a visit, be sure to introduce yourself to one of our pastors. We’d love to meet you and help you discover if the Vineyard is the right place for you to call home.