Transformation Classes

Interested in deepening your day-to-day experience of God and participation in his life? The Transformations classes are the core Christian discipleship classes at Vineyard; the very best of the experiences and practices God has taught the Vineyard over the years. They aim is to take your faith beyond believing to living it daily and giving you the tools to pass it on to others.

Transformation 101

Next class: October 15–December 10 (8 sessions)
Time: Sundays, 12:00noon — 1:30pm
Cost: $20 includes lunch (discounts for students and couples)

The 101 class will focus on the day-to-day practices of disciples:

  • cultivating spiritual hunger
  • meeting God through scripture meditation
  • encountering God in worship
  • hearing God’s ‘voice’
  • praying in the power of the Spirit
  • becoming like Jesus
  • a life plan for growth

Transformation 201

Coming in 2018, 201 will focus on doing life in community:

  • Listening like Jesus
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Building great friendships
  • Hands-on prayer
  • Leading others into life
  • Discovering your gifts
  • Living generously

Transformation 301

Coming in 2018, 301 will focus on becoming the hands and feet of Jesus:

  • Seeing with the eyes of Jesus
  • The art of neighboring
  • Finding our calling at work
  • Breaking down barriers to Jesus
  • Becoming a Jesus storyteller
  • Loving the people the church rejects