Join us for Spring ‘Soul’ Training

Are you ready for spring? Most of us are all too ready to see the sun again, stretch our legs, smell the rain, prep the garden or get out the golf clubs. Bring on the fresh air! In the spirit of springtime, we’re inviting you to join us for Lent (the 6 weeks preceding Easter) to leave the winter blues in February and prepare your heart for resurrection. Easter is an annual reminder that all our deepest hopes are coming true because in Jesus the future has already begun. Even when some seasons of our lives bring pain or loss or despair, springtime is an annual reminder of Jesus’ own words, “Take a look! I am making all things new!”

Lent is a six week spiritual journey that the church has practiced at least since the 2nd century A.D. It is a time to refocus our lives on connecting with Jesus and renewing our devotion to life with Him. Some of us are familiar with ‘fasting’ during Lent, but fasting is only one of many historic ‘soul training exercises’ that can get back into shape for spring.

In our reading of the Good & Beautiful Life, James Smith recommends eight of these “soul training” exercises. Whether you’re reading the book or not, you can try out some of his workout regimens. To that end, we’re compiling them for you in this Spring Soul Training Guide, and we’ll be posting updates weekly throughout Lent on the Vineyard Soul Training Blog.

Here is a list of special events just for Lent:

  • April 6, 6pm: Naturally Supernatural Healing Training with Gary Best
  • April 18 (Good Friday), 6pm: Evening Worship Service
  • April 20 (Easter): Two Sunday morning services: 9 & 11 am

Download the Spring ‘Soul’ Training Guide

Weekly updates at the Soul Training Blog

For more about Lent check out Pastor Lauren’s post


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