Seeds of Hope Benevolence & Compassion Fund

The Seeds of Hope Compassion Fund began in 2004 with a Christmas offering for the poor. During these first 10 years, church members have contributed over $300,0000 to serve the needs of the poor in Kent County and beyond. Its a serious commitment comprising roughly 10% of our annual budget. The money hasn’t come from corporate donations or government grants, but from ordinary individuals and families who are taking seriously Jesus’ mission to bring “good news to the poor.”

Seeds of Hope is one part of our mission to “live Jesus’ life together.” Together, we are making a difference, plant true seeds of hope in hundreds of lives. Assisting with basic needs and providing solutions to poverty, the Seeds of Hope offering provides funding for several life-changing ministries:

  • Assistance Grants, we provide emergency financial assistance for families in crisis through evictions, shutoff notices, foreclosures, repossessions of vehicles or medical emergencies. Individuals/families in crisis receive personal financial coaching through our financial ministry and small group leaders
  • Monthly Food Pantry, offering three months of “no strings attached” food assistance and ongoing support to families in the assistance grant program and ongoing support for families that apply
  • Community Recovery, a weekly evening service and support group time based on the 12-step model for those dealing with any hangups, habits or hurts.
  • Grants to outside organizations, each year we give a portion of our funds to assist with needs outside our community including natural disaster response through Vineyard Mercy Response.

Would you like to join us in caring for the poor and creating solutions that make a difference? Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the The Vineyard Church, a registered 501(c)3 organization.