Preparing Your Heart for Christmas


The season of Advent means there is something on the horizon the likes of which we have never seen before … What is possible is to not see it, to miss it, to turn just as it brushes past you. And you begin to grasp what it was you missed, like Moses in the cleft of the rock, watching God’s back fade in the distance. So stay. Sit. Linger. Tarry. Ponder. Wait. Behold. Wonder. There will be time enough for running. For rushing. For worrying. For pushing. For now, stay. Wait. Something is on the horizon.”

– Jan Richardson, Author/Artist


While November 29 marks the start of Advent, it’s not too early (or too late!) for you or your family to get a jumpstart on a new tradition of making space to cultivate a hunger for God and anticipation of His coming this Christmas season. We’re not asking you to add another “thing” to your Christmas to-do list. We’re inviting you to make this THE thing. Below we have compiled a list of resources to assist you as you explore the centuries-old observance of Advent.

Good Online Reads

An Introduction to Advent by Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Advisor and Theologian in Residence of Foundations for Laity Renewal

This Advent, Stop the Clock by Mary De Turris Poust, a Catholic blogger

The Advent Conspiracy Read about what some people are doing to turn Christmas upside down

Books to Order

One Star, One Hope: An Advent Christmas Devotional for Individuals and Families by Vineyard USA

Within Our Reach: A Christmas Devotional Journey for Kingdom People by Vineyard USA

The Advent Book (For Families) by Jack and Kathy Stockman

Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas (For Families) by Antonie Schneider


Available locally


Advent Service Ideas

Create an Advent Service calendar

Advent Activities List 

Acts of Kindness

Christmas Service Countdown (For little children)

Additional Resources

Soul Training Exercises

Daily Scripture Readings

Daily Scripture Meditation

The Divine Hours

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have any resources to add to this list? What does your family do for Advent? Do you have some favorite traditions that you could share with us? Please leave a comment below!

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