Seek course

Seek is a ten-week introduction to life with Jesus


The class is designed to help you if you are:

  • Wondering how faith might play a greater role in your life, or how faith could be more directly relevant to the important issues in your life
  • Curious about Jesus and how Jesus might fit in to a faith journey
  • Definitely interested in a life of faith, but consider yourself brand new to it
  • Interested in the idea of prayer or communication with God, but unsure how to pursue it.
  • Seek includes an emphasis on the practical aspects of faith, ample opportunities to ask questions, and informal discussions with a consistent group of people.


When and Where?

Seek includes a weekly dinner, short talk or presentation and a group discussion. Locations vary, so email us if you’d like to sign up.

You’re welcome to check Seek out during the first three weeks of any series, but after that, we ask you to wait until the next time it’s offered.


If you have questions, or are wondering if Seek is right for you, please email us or call our office (616) 365-0303.