We believe that living as a Christian – a follower of Jesus – means loving God with heart, soul, mind and strength (Matthew 22:37). That means we don’t check our brain at the door when we enter the church, but rather engage our faith with discernment and reasoning. At Vineyard we offer a broad range of classes, ranging from introductions to the Christian faith to an eight-week class for married couples to in-depth biblical studies. Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, we offer classes to stimulate your mind and deepen your understanding.

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Leadership Courses


Starting Point (Connect)
Connect Class is an eight-week introduction to life at the Vineyard. Taught by our pastors, its the perfect venue for getting your questions answered and discovering if the Vineyard is a good fit for you. We’ll cover such topics as the history of the church and the Vineyard Christian church movement, our vision for the future, and the beliefs and practices that make us distinct. Along the way, you’ll make friends and experience life as a “home group”, as well as discovering how to make a personal contribution through a ministry team.
Day/Time: Sundays, 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
5 sessions, offered on a rotating basis
Location: Vineyard
Teacher: Pastoral Staff
Notes: Pizza Lunch and Childcare Provided; Must RSVP to


Marriage As A Spiritual Journey
Marriage as a Spiritual Journey is a class for married couples (or older, seriously-committed engaged couples), based on Harville Hendrick’s NY Times best-seller, Getting the Love You Want. The course leads couples into a deeper understanding of romantic attraction, the gift of healing God intends for them to provide for each other, and communication skills that can keep them intimately connected through life’s worst storms. While many in our culture are convinced that happiness in marriage depends on finding the right partner, this course is based on the belief that happiness in marriage depends on becoming the right person.
Day/Time: schedule varies, contact us to register
8 weeks, offered spring and fall
Teacher: Pastoral Staff
Cost: $50.00 per couple


Women’s Bible Study
The Women’s Bible study is a seasonal class offering a new topic/emphasis every season. The class caters to women with flexible daytime hours and onsite childcare is available.
Day/Time: Tuesdays, 10:00 am
seasonal sessions, open enrollment at the start of each season
Teacher: Robyn Dykstra



Prayer Ministry Training
Prayer Ministry Training is a course for those wanting to deepen their understanding and experience with praying for healing. The class prepares participants for service in one of the Vineyard’s healing prayer teams and builds the confidence to experience God at work outside the church by provide hands-on coaching in Holy-spirit guided prayer.
Day/Time: schedule varies, contact us to register
Notes: This course is required for service on a prayer team
Downloads: missed a session? download it here


The Lead Course is a prerequisite for all leaders at the Vineyard and covers such topics as: developing a vision, building a team, mentoring & modeling, and pastoral care.
Teacher: Mike Befus, associate pastor
Notes: You must have a pastoral recommendation to join this course.
Audio: click here for audio & notes


Home Group Leader Training
Home Group Leader Training equips participants for intern leadership in a Vineyard home group. The class covers all aspects of home group leadership from facilitating a meeting to kingdom ministry and pastoral care.
Day/Time: scheduled by request, contact us if you’re interested
Teacher: Ray Befus
Notes: This course is a prerequisite to leadership involvement at the Vineyard


Pastoral Leadership Mentoring
Our lead pastor offers Saturday morning mentoring for Vineyard Leadership Institute students and Vineyard Bible Institute students who are preparing for a career in church planting or Christian pastoral ministry. These mentoring sessions cover ministry leadership, evangelism, pastoral care, and public speaking. Church members who desire to sharpen their leadership skills are welcome to sit in on these sessions.
Day/Time: Saturdays, 7:00 am (call to confirm schedule)
Schedule: Fall, winter and spring quarters (no summer)
Teacher: Ray Befus, lead pastor
Notes: This class is open to leaders; contact us if you’re interested


Vineyard Leadership Institute
VLI is a two-year program offered offsite at the Vineyard in Grand Rapids for those who feel called to pastoral ministry, church planting or high-level lay leadership in a local church. Taught in conjuntion with the VLI staff at the Vineyard Church in Columbus, Ohio, VLI consists of seminary-level theological coursework, combined with pastoral leadership training. For more information including tuition, schedule, a course catalog, visit the VLI website.
Schedule: year round, seven consecutive quarters
Teacher: VLI teaching staff
Prerequisites: Applicants must demonstrate proven ministry leadership skills in a local church setting