New website launches

After almost a year of work, Vineyard North’s new website is finally up and running! It’s got a whole new look! Thank you to Michael Befus for the hundreds of hours you poured into it! Make sure to check it out for all the latest news and updates! For latest news, go direct to, […]

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Hosting Like Jesus on Sunday Mornings

It’s painful to be all alone in a crowd. And, on Sunday mornings there often are men and women sitting around us who are feeling hostgator review just that way. All alone . . . after a divorce, with a child diagnosed with a terminal illness, without a job, starting a new job in a […]

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Cloud 9 Youth Retreat

Cloud Nine is an annual, regional youth retreat for Vineyard teens that was born out of this church. That was many years ago and, today, Cloud Nine is an separate organization that provides Vineyard teens from all over the Great Lakes region with an annual opportunity to meet one another and to meet God in […]

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Good And Beautiful God Series

Roman Catholics are sometimes known for getting people into the church. And they’re good at it. Evangelicals are often known for getting people into the Bible, and that too is a value we share. Here at the Vineyard, our special passion is to get people into the life! Jesus’ life! Maybe you’ve heard: our church […]

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Sunday at the Vineyard

Change to one Sunday service

Vineyard North will host one Sunday morning service this Fall at 10 am. Kids on a Mission programming will be available for children infant through 7th grade. After several years of hosting two Sunday morning services, our recent church planting efforts have made it possible to join together for one morning worship services. For some […]

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