Worship Night

Jun 22, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Organizer: Leah Morrison

Bring your family on June 22nd, 6PM to the church where we are all going to worship, listen to the Holy Spirit, and invite God's kingdom into not only our lives, but the lives of the people we interact with throughout our week.  

What to expect:

  • space to slow down from all the busyness 
  • a few leaders who will be guiding the kids in listening to the Holy Spirit from 6-630, after which the kids will have the option of going outside to play or staying in
  • snacks for the kids who are hungry
  • intimate worship with our church family
  • ministry time and intercession
  • partaking in the sacraments of the Lord's table
  • potluck (bring a dish/pick up something at the store) and games around the bonfire