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Healing Prayer Webinar with Gary Best


2009 National Vineyard Christian Leadership Conference, Galveston, Texas

Rich Nathan
Learning to Love Your Enemies in the Middle East
Rich Nathan was raised in a traditional Jewish family in New York, and considered joining the Israeli national army at age 18. He decided to follow Jesus instead. With unique credibility he challenges Christians to leave behind their Zionist eschatologies in pursuit of Jesus’ kingdom ministry. In what will likely prove a historic event for the Vineyard, Rich Nathan interviews Palestinian Christian Sami Awad, who is working with Palestinians and Israelis of all faiths to bring healing and hope to Israel and Palestine. The grandson of a Palestinian Christian martyr of the 1948 Israeli Independence war, Awad was raised under violent Palestinian occupation. He is now leading a movement that is moving past forgiveness toward loving his Israeli brothers-in-arms toward total kingdom reconciliation. WARNING: this interview may permanently mess with your dispensational/restoration eschatology permanently.

Rich Nathan: Learning to Love Your Enemies in the Middle East

Dr. Wess Stafford
Children and the Kingdom of God

The Vineyard Christian Church will likely look back on this as a movement-turning talk. Dr. Stafford recounts his childhood tragedies on the Ivory Coast and how they’ve shaped his life and ministry. He presents a tour de force of the Biblical perspective on children and an incredible exposition of Jesus’ famous invitation to children. A must-hear for all children’s workers, parents, and most of all those that have a disinterest in children – it will rock you!

Wess Stafford of Compassion Intl: Children and the Kingdom of God

Jay Pathak
Getting Over Yourself To Love Your City Like Paul

The best exposition of Acts 17 (Paul at Athens) that I’ve ever heard (apologies to Rob Bell). Christian Church planter extraordinaire Jay Pathak discusses how to get past your anger toward sin, your defensiveness toward culture, and your insecurity over your reputation in order to love your city and say with Wesley “Give me [insert your town here] Scotland or I die!”

Jay Pathak: Getting Over Yourself to Love Your City

Don Williams
We Need The Holy Spirit

A Vineyard 101 talk on the Holy Spirit by one of the Vineyard’s foremost kingdom scholars, answering three questions: 1) Is the filling of the Holy Spirit biblical, 2) Is it optional, and 3) Is it available. Don begins with an inspiring exposition of Luke 4 and finishes with recounts of the lives of historic church leaders, from Whitfield to Wesley to Billy Graham.

Don Williams: We Need The Holy Spirit

Cherith Fee Nordling
Dying So That God Can Give You Your Life Back 

This prophetic message by Cherith (daughter of NT scholar Gordon Fee) shook the room. It was a powerful prophetic word and scriptural exposition on following Jesus into his death and suffering as a leader. Its a must-listen for anyone that struggles with ministry disappointment or temptation to look for ‘greener grass’ – which is, well, almost all of us!

Cherith Nordling Fee: Dying So God Can Give Us Our Lives Back